• Closed Feb. 4th at 4pm for the Super Bowl.
  • Closed Feb 10th at 5pm for Private Event
  • Open Friday Feb. 16th from 12pm-10pm for In Service Day.
  • Open Feb. 19th from 12pm-7pm for Presidents Day.


Save Time and Fill Out your Waiver Online!  (Click Here)

Everyone participating in: Zip Lining, Jump, Rock Wall, Ninja Course, Lazer Maze, Hybrid Ninja Wall & Ropes Course at Zip City must sign a waiver.

No eye glasses, except sports glasses with head band. This rule still applies even if you have a signed waiver. Anyone who comes to Zip City with glasses will be provided safety goggles.

All waivers are electronic, we do not accept paper waivers.

If you are just spectating, there is no need to sign a waiver and no entry fee to pay. Just come on in, watch, and enjoy!

If you are under 18 years old, the fastest and easiest way to complete the waiver process, is to have your parent or guardian fill out the waiver online,before you arrive at ZipCity. Please click on the link below to complete this process.

If you are under 18 years of age, and arrive at ZipCity without your parent or guardian sending in our online waiver, no problem. Just call your parent/guardian, and ask them to fill out the waiver from their computer or smart phone. To complete the waiver process, your parent/guardian will need ALL of the following information: PARENT/GUARDIAN’S LEGAL NAME, CURRENT ADDRESS, DATE of BIRTH and CURRENT/VALID DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER. Parents signing electronically for their children do not need to be present when child arrives for activities/or an event Your waiver is valid for one year after submission.

Zip City is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Save Time and Fill Out your Waiver Online! (Click Here)

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