Pickleball is Here!

We are Now Taking Reservations for Our Pickleball Courts

We have done what every successful business must do in the 21st century! We read all our online comments and emails and listened to and spoke with many people on the phone. Our customers have spoken, and we have listened! Our nine top-of-the-line indoor courts are replacing our indoor soccer field.

Court reservations can be made online for $25 per hour. There is no limit on how many reservations you and your friends make. We will refund any reservation canceled on our website at least 24 hours before your reserved court time.

Reserve your spot today here.


Drop-In and Open Play are available mornings, afternoons and evenings all week. Schedule available through the Court Reserve app. We will begin offering 40 drop-in play spots per two-hour session at $10 per person. Reservations can be made online. Players can reserve time for two people, but our system will be set up to take only one credit card. We will expand the number of players per session if we have excess capacity.

We do rent outside of listed hours for multi-court rentals. Please contact stephanie@zipcityusa.com for more information.


Lisa Farley, PPR Certified Instructor, is the President of Indy Pickleball Club and has hosted several large tournaments in the area. She has taught a variety of groups, including clinics and lessons across the greater Indy area and internationally, university students, Special Olympics pickleball and wheelchair pickleball and has worked with organizations like Indy Sports Corp to bring pickleball throughout the city. In addition to teaching, Lisa will set up our player rating system, group events, leagues, and tournaments beginning in 2024.

Steve Farley is on our pickleball instruction team! Steve is an advanced-level player and a Pickleball Pro at Castle Creek LifeTime Fitness. In a 2023 article in the Indiana Business Journal, he was cited as “the busiest pickleball instructor in Indy.” In 2022, he was named the winner of the “Best Pickleball Lessons” category in Indianapolis Monthly magazine’s Best of Indy issue. Steve will host a variety of clinics and skills and drills for various levels.

Jaclyn Keller is an experienced high school teacher and coach with 17 years in basketball and tennis. A devoted pickleball enthusiast and Southside native, Jaclyn is a member of the Indy Pickleball Club and the USA Pickleball Association. Known for her love of the game’s competitive and social aspects, Jaclyn competes in various tournaments, including singles, doubles, and team events. She’s passionate about spreading her love for pickleball and coaching players of all levels to enhance their skills and enjoy the game.

Zip City Will Offer a 20% Discount to All Pickleball Reservation Holders!

Every pickleball reservation holder can bring up to 4 people to Zip City and receive a two-hour general admission pass for just $19.95 per person.

This discount can only be used during Zip City’s Normal Hours of Operation, and the discounted pass will only be valid and begin at the same time their court as their court reservation. We have offered a two-hour pass if the reservation holder wants to stay after their one-hour court time for a beverage or snack.

Available Pickleball Clinics

Clinics are $35 per person per clinic. You can register and pay for classes on the CourtReserve App here – put Zip City as your organization – unless noted otherwise. If you have any other questions, please send an email to stephanie@zipcityusa.com.

Tournament Prep Clinic

Thursday, March 28, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Are you an intermediate player (3.0 or 3.5) considering playing in your first pickleball tournament? Get a jump on the competition by signing up for this fast-paced, 2-hour tournament prep clinic on Thursday, March 28, from 6 to 8 p.m. on the beautiful indoor courts at Zip City! Besides working on some great pickleball drills, we’ll go over proper warm-up, scouting your opponents, mental aspects and many other helpful tips! You’ll also play in live games. Players will receive a detailed review sheet to take home after the clinic. Limited to 12 participants (a waiting list will be started once the clinic is full). Cost is $40. To register, email thePickleCoaches@gmail.com. Participants should bring a water bottle. Some good spring tournaments will come in April and May; this clinic will help prepare you!

Notice: Clinic schedules are subject to change.